Today, I decided to test my fate. I swerved directly into an oncoming logging truck with a car I have been borrowing from a friends father. I chose to do this both out of respect for the Earth®, to hopefully disrupt these bastard loggers and my overall love for fun. Wouldn't you know, I went straight through the huge rig, and somewhere in the bizarre translation met up with Danny from MENOMENA. What felt like hours must have passed in a matter of seconds, but the conversation that took place was proper goodness.

Below are the results of my descision to flirt with fate. I am a God®.

* For the record, I played the black text and Danny played the white text.

Q. Did you ever imagine I am the Fun Blame Monster would go Platinum?

A. Never in our wildest dreams. Then again, our wildest dreams usually consist of premarital sexual activity with Robin Williams' character in Mrs Doubtfire.

Q. People kinda lost their shit over DEELER®. Is it Mac® OSX® compatible or still in the "beta" phase?

A. People's feces tends to be OSX® compatible, especially now with the Intel© merger. If they are still looking for this missing fragrant digestive byproduct of theirs, I'd recommend checking under the couch.
Oh, and we don't talk about Deeler® anymore. That's SO two years ago.

Q. PC© or Mac® (in general)?

A. Mac®, generally.

Q. Best thing about living in / around Portland.. .

A. Two words: Nu Shooz®.

Q. Is the character "Rose" based on actual events? (if the answer is yes, turn to page 76. If you answer no, move to the next question)

[ insert crickets chirping here ]

Q. Is that your handwriting on the Lackthereof site? It's delicious.

A. Aw... Thanks for the compliment, but the site is actually designed by Deeler®.

Q. But, you said.. .

A. I did.

Q. What the heck is Lackthereof? How does it differ from the madness MENOMENA® hath brought to the kitchen? "LET U DOWN" !

A. Well, Menomena® started as a side project of Lackthereof. Now of course with Menomena® going platinum and all, I barely have time to do anything other than drugs. The new Lackthereof album will be out on September 19. History will be changed (by "history" I mean "my solo career", and by "changed" I mean "officially over").

Q. The upcoming 7" on Polyvinyl® - who the heck...? What?!

A. You mean who the heck is Polyvinyl®, or who the heck would do such a thing? Polyvinyl® is a friendly label from Champaign (illinois) who we met on our
last national tour, and well, WE would do such a thing! As for "What?!"... Dude I'm really confused here. You're harshing my mellow
(see second sentence of previous answer). [ie: drugs]

Q. Favorite Sesame Street® character(s).

A. Hmm.. . I used to like Guy Smiley a lot... Before SS® became just another wack sitcom.

Q. What is next for the men of Menomena®?

A. That's funny because "Men of Menomena®" is what we've always called our groupies. And to answer your question, they'll undoubtedly be cheering loudly (and perhaps a little androgynously) upon the release
of our second album, which we've just completed - it's called Under an Hour and we're still working out
the artwork details. (*MENOMENA fans note - MENOMENA releases have brilliantly uncommon artwork, so this could get timely.)   Hopefully we'll have a release date to share in
the next couple weeks, we're trying to have it available no later than November.

Q. May we (and by "we" I mean "us - the men of menomena®") expect one John Askew and the fG® to release stated "second album"?

A. Yes, our second album will be released on FILMguerrero® with the one and only John Askew. We've actually written most of our third album as
well, and that will also be released through John next year.

Q. What makes Menomena® happy?

A. You now already know. Robin Williams. Nu Shooz®. Drugs. Smiling Guys. Androgyny. Are you sensing a pattern here?

Thanks always for your time and support,

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