+ It would seem to many that the Faint is outgrowing it's Saddle-Creek britches, have there been many wild offers to pull you all into the evil underworld of "major label" hell?

Jacob Thiele: On the contrary, saddle creek has done a good job of growing with the bands and suiting their needs as they gain popularity. There have been many offers to lure the faint into major label hell, but I wouldn't call any of them wild. I think they were pretty standard major label offers, with the lame jargon, "mutual control" and whatnot.. .

+ Does everyone (still?) reside in Nebraska? Do you feel there is too much emphasis on the fact that " the faint are from Omaha? "?

We all still live here, and we're proud of the scene that we have created here in omaha with all of our friends. Omaha is a large part of what we do since the label is based here as well as our friends who are also in bands. We're a close-knit network of friends that is conducive to inspiring one another. Also, being in the middle of the country as opposed to one of the coasts keeps us safe from the pitfalls of fads and trends.

+ Wet From Birth was recorded in, so I hear, and abandoned washing machine museum (coined 'the Orifice').. was it just too cool or cheap to pass up?

Only a portion of the album was recorded there, just electronic stuff like keyboards and synth drums. The space was both too cool and too cheap. Our landlord is really accepting of what we do with the space, mostly because he had difficulties renting it until we came along. We really cleaned the place up, and as per our arrangement, he gave us a great deal until he got air conditioning, heating, extra circuits, and new windows in here. So for a while it was really cheap, but we were writing songs in our parkas.

+ Would you say that Wet From Birth is the most important Faint release to date?

Definitely. It is the closest we've come to actualizing our ideas. The integrity of the last two albums was compromised by the fact that we had shit jobs and not enough time to be meticulous.

+ There is a somewhat gap in the faint discography with the excellent Blank-Wave Arcade Remix (vinyl-only release, maybe limited to 1000?). Do you think this will ever see a larger release?

I think you're just trying to hype it up so your copy will fetch more dough on eBay. No, we're going to keep that out of print.

+ The live shows are like a time warp to the unknown, with the visuals portrayed on the screens behind the band an added experience - who puts all that fun stuff together?

We all have different roles in the process of preparing our live show. Dapose and I (Jacob) have been doing the bulk of the video editing. Clark and Joel are tackling our new lighting console, and Todd is our visionary.

+ Is Clark (Baechle) still maintaining his rap group?

Yes, as much as he can right now.

Clark: Yeah, I just bounced some shit down last night so Ian could take it to the studio.

+ Since the creation of Blank-Wave, a rather shitty 'diaperfull' of bands have arose claiming to be new "new-wave" or whatever they call it, but many refer to the Faint as the spark to the flame. Is there any band out there you see as worthy to the title of "vice Faint"?

This is a tough question because there are many bands we feel are our kin, but would not place ourselves before them. This list includes: Primal Scream, The Rapture, Broken Spindles, The VSS, Out Hud, !!!, Moving Units, Interpol, Radio 4.. .

+ What is the most ridiculous rumor / story you have heard about the Faint? Is it true.. .

That Joel started a riot at Metallica's record label by asking them, "How was Metallica the best band in the world, and now they're one of the worst? Is that your fault?" Yes, that happened.

+ Who's voting for who in November (Presidential that is. .)

I'm not sure if we're all voting for the same person, but I'm positive that none of us are voting for Bush.

+ What makes the Faint happy?

The release of performing after spending every waking hour in preparation.


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vagina walls UNITE the Faint
Wet From Birth
( saddle-creek ); 2004

"You tried to keep it a secret, but now the world's gonna know"

We waited 3 years for this?

Right, like we even thought the Faint were going to fail - that miserable, sob story shit's for the Strokes. Here it is the fall of 2004, and the Faint themselves know it has taken a little longer to present us an actual studio album (collaborations & remix albums aside). Quick check of the tracklisting: Erection.. . Desperate Guys. .. Erection - yes mother, this is the band I was telling you about.

Other than select eye-raising moments that sound like they may have brought Laurie Anderson on board with a trunk of her gizmos (is that a Synclavier I hear on "How Could I Forget"?), this is the Faint further intensifying the wave they just happened to stir up in 1999 with Blank-Wave Arcade (for starters). Strike that, "I Dissapear" is the key track that moves the Faint in another fantactic direction, with the guitar taking the lead and the fuzzed out synth / basslines accenting it. Then there's "Erection", and the fuzz is back like the low-end of an AM radio searching for a signal. Oh Erection. Next time you see these cats live (and I recommend it) - my bet is "Drop Kick the Punks" will be the one track that sets the night on fire. The shortest track on the Birth, checking in at under 3 minutes, it is the stop & go sing-along anthem the kids wait for - ".. what the fuck is this?".

With a formula often immitated but sadly never matched, Wet From Birth proves the Faint are still ripping off the right albums from 25 years ago.. .. . joking.      Fucking Republicans.

Now for my Dave Chapelle impersonations.. . .

+ k

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